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2013-06-21 10:37:54

Mozart - buisiness-science partnerships

“Mozart” is a city programme (approved by the Wrocław City Council) which aims to activate the local labour market and support job creation by connecting business and science and strengthen transfer of knowledge between these sectors.

It is based on projects performed by partnerships built between entrepreneurs and academics. The topics and scopes of these projects shall refer to various disciplines of knowledge, and should be a response to the needs of the companies – either solving definite issues, or improving specific products/services – both leading to the development of the company, thus development of the local labour market. At the same time influence on the academic environment would be seen as an additional value brought by the cooperation within the partnership, i.e. improving academic curricula, engaging students in practical dimension of scientific research.

The City of Wrocław shall finance 30 partnerships offering most interesting solutions/projects, presenting the following working time: 32 hours per month, throughout 12 months. The money from the City shall amount to max. 5 000 PLN gross per month (3 000 PLN gross in previous edition), that is the remuneration of the scientist for his/her work (32 working hours).

The funding is being granted to the company as public aid (de minimis).

We encourage to answer the call the partnerships created by:
  • companies, that conduct business in Wrocław and employ here employees;
  • scientists, that gained at least Phd degree and are employed in one of the higher education institutions on the scientific or scientific-didactic post.

For more information please see the presentation.

Note: Application documents shall be filled in Polish – you can find them here.


Anna Gil – Programme Coordinator
tel. 71 770 20 05

Kamelia Duczmal – Information and Promotion
tel. 71 798 13 14